I was

Vaughan is a young artist with a strongly defined imagery and refined music taste. Their music is elegant, emotional and visionary.
I had the pleasure to mix this wonderful 4 track EP for them.

Let's have a look at how I dealt with the mix of this record.

All of the songs have a quite dense arrangement with a a fairly high track count.

I mixed all of them with an hybrid approach: I processed the elements that needed more attention by running them through analog chains and printing them back into protools.

Then I submixed the tracks onto 8 stereo busses and 4 reinforcement mono busses all of them summed on my Neve desk.

The vocal mix went throug a pair of Summit EQF100 - a smooth passive valve equaliser - to get the final sparkle of magic!

I think the most challenging thing in terms of sonics was to retain smoothness and elegance while adding a bit of drive to enhance the dance soul of this EP while respecting its cinematic feeling.

I was - also features loads of ambient noises and other sonic textures which Vaughan uses to highlight all the feelings he's telling in their stories.

A lot of attention was devoted to them and to all the the architectural details of the songs such as positions of elements in the stereo stage and sudden changes them.

Long story short I had loads of fun working with Vaughan and we're proud of the final result!

Check it out and see what you think of it!