Stoned Guitars - Vol. 1

Sample Packs

Stoned Guitars... mmm pretty self-explanatory, right?!

I just love to roll a fat one, grab my guitar, hit record and noodle with it!
It's such a pleasure to get down ideas without any direction nor pressure.
This mindset - or lack of  - can give unexpectedly great results.

I play for few minutes - though sometimes I trip and fall in a wormhole!? - then I go through the takes, isolate the best parts and have fun with 'em. This means I mix, chop, process and sample them, turn them into other things, build virtual instruments with them...

This specific collection of freaky  chops and loops, started taking place right after I filmed the IGTV clip on "Tracking guitars with room mikes"  and has developed over the following days. I used the same guitar, the same microphone setup and the same processing of that recording session - click here to watch it.

I didn't have anything specific in mind - drain bramage - I just fired a percussive loop at 115 BMP and went with the flow. Did a couple of takes, mainly in the keys of D and A but seriously... they are stoned guitars, I wouldn't be too fussy about the technicalities!

Stoned Guitars Vol.1

The Sample Pack features 30 guitar loops premixed onto 16bits / 44.1kHz stems, their 24bits / 44.1kHz separate unprocessed tracks and one Ableton Live! Pack containing some weird processing of a few of those guitars and a groovy effected beat.

All the loops are 115 BPM with start/end constrained to bars so you're ready to drop them onto your arranger and have fun!

You can preview a few of them from the player on the sidebar and if you feel intrigued just fill in the form below and get the full pack for free!

But beware, it's sticky!?