I thrive
on sound

I am Enrico Berto: musician, producer, sound engineer and owner of Mushroom Studio.

What I offer


I write, arrange, create and perform music both in the studio and on stage, either for my own projects or for bands and artists I collaborate with.


I team with artists and bands to craft their sonic vision, working with them from the early stages of their idea to its final mix.

Sound Engineer

I mainly focus on mixing but I am also available for other tasks such as recording and editing, both in my studio or elsewhere.

My Releases

Higher Peaks

Higher Peaks - Ep1
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The Amorphous Androgynous and Peter Hammil

We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal
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Fiorious & Cassius

I'm not defeated (Cassius Remix)
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I was
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The Amorphous Androgynous

A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (exploding In Your Brain)
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Future Romance
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Animal House

Premium Mediocre
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Husky Loops

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Hurry Girl
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Discover my work
Higher Peaks - Ep1
We Persuade Ourselves We Are Immortal
I'm not defeated (Cassius Remix)
I was
A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble (exploding In Your Brain)
Future Romance
Premium Mediocre
Hurry Girl
Never too much Love
Why An Eye
Giving it all (Fra Ka Ka Ka)
No Immunity
Feels Like Aladdin
Elevator EP
Music for Images
Il Gruppo Spalla non fa il Soundcheck
Primitivi del Futuro
Have a Nice Trip
Inseguendo un Pensiero
La Seconda Rivoluzione Sessuale
Amore Mio Infinito
Windows (Tiny Eye Sessions)
Various Singles
Way Back When
The Selfish Love Manifesto
The Magic of L'amour

How I do it

I love great songs. No matter what style they are.
I listen for a story, I look for the hook, I focus on the delivery.
So when I play or when I arrange, when I produce or when I mix, I only serve the song.

I listen to the artist/bands' music, if it gets under my skin and I find elements that I can relate to, I move to the next step which is having an in depth conversation with them about what they are after. If we have a good vibe and share a similar vision, we'll move forward. If possible I try to spend time together with them, go to their rehearsal space or studio, have drinks together, talk, share ideas. This way I can really get a full picture of who they are and what they're trying to accomplish.

My workflow

I love the hybrid style: blending analog and vintage gear with the modern digital domain. I love my guitars, my old synths and weird boxes but I love my Knifonium and my Soundtoys too. I record, edit and mix on Avid Pro Tools and I make parallel use of Ableton Live! to creatively process the recordings I do or the music I sample.
I love to capture as much live emotion as I can so I focus on tracking musicians together, avoiding drastic use of grids and quantizations. I love to seek unconventional sounds and I try to achieve them either on the way in or by processing the recordings. However if the situation requires it I reach for samples and loops.
   Also when I hit the mix stage I love the hybrid approach, I feel it gives me the best results. But depending on the type of sound I am after, I use different techniques, ranging from full analog to completely ITB.


Unshackled Creativity

I like experimenting with sounds and crafting building blocks such as beats, loops, samples and sound-scapes. I create them from scratch or I source them from jam-sessions that I love to make with fellow musicians. I then use all of these on my productions be them for my projects, for artists I collaborate with or to be used as sountracks.
   You can always come check out some of my unreleased* stuff and experiments on the playlist above!

      *Talk to me about how to get these ideas off of me.


  • Band of Skulls
  • The Amorphous Androgynous
  • Fiorious
  • Husky Loops
  • Mei
  • Higher Peaks
  • Animal House
  • Vaughan

What they say about me

Enrico is a powerhouse!
His mixes screw with the time-space continuum...

Russell Marsden
Band of Skulls

I rarely trust anyone with mixing, let alone contributing in the artistic judgements. Enrico, however, is someone who has become an exception to this and a pivotal collaborator on several projects.

Gaz Cobain
Future Sound Of London - The Amorphous Androgynous

A combination of engineer, producer, arranger and motivator, Enrico knows when to lay back and give you room to create and when to push you to find a higher gear in the song.


Who is
Enrico Berto ?

   High levels of energy, positive input and loads of creativity. I always go for the unconventional, uniquely personal, road, always trying to avoid cliches and being a copycat.
I am extremely driven, focussed and obsessed with the details. I never let go until we all are happy with the result.
I have a vast love for music in all its genres. If I really had to pinpoint some they would be Classic Rock , Alternative Rock and HipHop.

I make music because of a deep, almost spiritual, connection to it. Making music is my passion and my call. I decided to turn it into my profession so my whole life could revolve around it.

In my teens I would spend countless hours playing guitar along to blues and classic rock records, learning songs, riffs and solos.
   While rockin' in different bands and dreaming big I went to the University to study foreign languages and literature as a sensible Plan-B.
In the same years, to spice up my playing, I attended the Musician Institute in Los Angeles and a couple of Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft seminars.
   Once I graduated from University I decided that I was giving music a serious go so I started hustling. I played in bands, composed jingles for TV, I thaught guitar, I recorded and mixed bands on a crappy laptop out of mouldy rehearsal spaces, you name it...
   I was eager to get more so I pushed further by moving to London and studying sound engineering at the SAE Institute.
I then began session playing, touring, producing and engineering full time, all of it bouncing between UK and Italy.
   In 2008 I founded Mushroom Studio: a little production heaven hidden on the mountains of northern Italy where other artists and I could cosy up and create.

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