I am a musician who fell in love with the recording process and turned out to be a producer too.

I play in Why An Eye and collaborate with other bands and artists. I write songs and I arrange, record and mix them. I create advertisement jingles and movie soundtracks too.

As a musician my main instrument is the guitar but I also play the bass, synths and can sing a bit too.

As a producer my main tool is warm analogue sound. When I work with a band I like to think I am the connection between their idea and its achievement, helping them to develop their style and unique flavour.

I studied music and sound engineering in various schools around the world but I  learnt the most from my experience on stages and in recording studios.

It is the thrill of my life to create, perform and support the making of good music. I am obsessed with quality and with making only the best finished product, no matter what it takes.