I am a trained and experienced sound engineer and I can be hired as a freelance to work on a specific stage of your production. Online services available too.

#Recording – I can track your band all together in a studio with a big live room or layer one instrument at the time in a smaller space.
We can work on overdubs or vocal tracking.
I have a large experience in mike techniques and dealing with acoustic spaces.

#Mixing - I can use different mixing techniques to match the style of your music and we can pick the analogue or digital path according to your needs and budget. You can also send me your tracks for online mixing.

#Editing - I am an accurate and fast Pro Tools operator and AVID certified Pro Tools Expert (PT HDX 11). I can fix your timing issues, tighten your performance, clean your tracks from unmusical noises such as amp buzz or unwanted breaths. I can tune your instruments and voices or simply do structural editing such as removing or duplicating parts of your songs. All of the above can be done regardless if you recorded your music to a click track or not. You can also send me your tracks for online editing.